Star Prize Winners

Summer, 2022

There are 109 participants applied.

Spring, 2022


QSTN is a blockchain-enabled market research portal where users answer questions, earn credit for their input, and spend them within the QSTN digital NFT marketplace.


PortalVerse is a decentralized cloud gaming network for open and highly immersive virtual worlds. It aims to build a peer-to-peer, distributed cloud gaming network that serves as computing power infrastructure for the Metaverse.


AdMeta is a Metaverse ad platform that focuses on preserving users’ privacy. Users’ private data is stored on the TEE layer of blockchain, ensuring that Metaverse advertisers can precisely target ads without knowing users’ information.


NepBot is a Discord bot that allows server owners to create and set rules for token-gated communities on NEAR Protocol, thereby extending the Discord environment from Web2 to Web3.


Memology is an NFT-based Avatar personalization platform for socials with animated emojis, accessories, and AI chat filters. Mint, trade, and transfer NFT Avatars and accessories.

Winter, 2021


A decentralized protocol for creating and solving puzzles with real prizes.


A decentralized autonomous organization of high-quality content curators.


A blockchain can keep your assets safe only if you own the keys. Fusotao is a verification protocol for sequential matching system makes you trade neither relying on human trust, nor bearing the high latency and cost.


Web3Go is the very first project that focuses on providing data services related to Polkadot parachain projects.


PNS is an open, decentralized domain name system on the Polkadot blockchain.